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Welcome to Gunpoint Wiki

The independent Gunpoint community resource

Welcome to our small but passionate community resource, dedicated to being the best information and news for players, modders and fans of Gunpoint.
You will also find many of our editors are active on the Gunpoint Steam Community Discussion forum, the r/gunpoint subreddit and PCGamingWiki.
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Game information
What is Gunpoint?
Gunpoint is a 2D stealth action video game featuring a unique rewiring mechanic, created by the independent developer Tom Francis.


Gunpoint can be purchased at the Official website: The website offers the game DRM-free as well as a Steam key, and rewards the developer with a higher cut.

Gunpoint is also available DRM-free and with a steam key at the Humble Store.

The game can also be purchased from Steam. Buying the game from Steam will give you a hat in Team Fortress 2.

Official websiteHumble StoreSteam


Standard EditionSpecial EditionExclusive EditionDeveloper commentarySoundtrack


Patch notesDemoPrototypes

Operating systems


Bugs and technical information

Bug reporting forumPCGamingWiki's Gunpoint article

Other links

Developer's personal blogSteam Community Discussion PCGamingWiki Forumr/gunpoint subreddit
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