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In-game materials not available in the editor

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A listing of all entities (outside of the editor selections) that I could dig up (including yours):

EntityID Description
30 Short wall section
31 Very dark indoor zone?
58 Solid block section (square)
68 Ceiling light 3
126 Solid block section (room size)
224 Rain
228 Rain splashing on ground
232 Stack of boxes
235 Computer cubicle facing right
237 Boardroom table and chairs
239 Crack of light pointing right
240 Crack of light pointing left
246 DataSEC back wall sign
254 Beige wall w/ caution tape
255 Beige wall w/ worn bottom area
256 Thin beige wall w/ worn bottom area
262 Roof antenna
266 Water cooler
267 Right angle vent duct
268 Security checkpoint w/ gate
271 Copy machine
273 Medium plant
274 Artwork
275 White couch
276 Outdoor Datatec sign
278 Single square vent duct
279 Single wall vent square
296 Wood panel back wall
297 "Out of order" elevator
298 Concrete back wall
299 Building-size solid block
326 Broken-down door
364 Blue brick back wall w/ unfinished paint
365 Brick back wall
366 Large computer workstations
367 Whiteboard w/ cabinets
368 Storage shelving w/ chicken head
369 Gun cabinet
375 Morgue drawers back wall
377 Outdoor rooftop crane
378 "Eastpoint Police" reception desk
379 Interrogation table
380 Interrogation table w/ blood
381 (Outdoor) Police cruisers
382 "Police" glowing sign
383 Autopsy table
388 Loose red and blue wires (power socket)
413 Trap door 2
414 Computer objective completed
421 Outdoor lamp light beam
422 Normal-length floor w/ elegant pattern
423 Narrow-length floor w/ elegant pattern
424 Wide-length floor w/ elegant pattern
425 Paneled wall
426 Paneled door frame
427 Right-facing paneled window frame
428 Left-facing paneled window frame
430 Ceiling light w/ elegant diffuser
431 Closed wood-framed glass door
432 Open wood-framed glass door
433 Dark concrete back wall
434 Brick back wall 2
437 Long glass ceiling
439 Short paneled wall
440 Wood paneled wall w/ window
441 Wood stairs
446 Wood elevator doors
447 Wood office desks
448 Wood paneled back wall w/ inlay
449 Horse artwork /w Rooke table
450 White sofa seats /w coffee table
451 "Rooke" wood back wall
454 Tall Intex white wall
456 Tall door frame
457 Tall wall
462 Steel elevator doors
470 Stucco back wall
481 Glass subway stairs (exit 2)
483 Noise detector (sound sensor)
484 Silent alarm (police arrive in 20 seconds if triggered)
487 Small tube with sparks
488 Tiny blue shapes (??)
491 Square back wall w/ vented panels (white)
492 Square back wall w/ tiles (white)
494 Square back wall w/ liftgate (white)
496 Brick back wall w/ elevator support I-beams
499 White horizontal panel for back wall
500 Army Pelican cases /w military container
501 Forklift
502 Massive vertical turbine generator
503 Massive black/green cables for turbine generator
505 Green "Analysis" backwall
506 Blue "Chemical Storage" backwall
507 Gold "Fabrication" backwall
508 Tan "Prototyping" backwall
509 Orange "Kinetic Range" backwall
510 Blue "Records" backwall
511 White back wall w/ unassembled area
512 Military cases on warehouse shelves
516 High-tech "Subway Access" back wall
527 Tiny solid block
528 Giant (30mm) gatling gun in display case
529 Two missiles in display case
530 Desk w/ bookcase
531 Twin workstations w/ cabinets
532 Gun display w/ Rooke conference table
533 Large single server rack
534 Small indoor vertical light
535 Secure server computer objective
536 Paneled glass ceiling frame
539 White Intex open door
540 White Intex closed door
541 Futuristic (space?) elevator doors
544 "TXF" Black conference table
545 Small TXF orange workstation
546 Large TXF orange workstation
547 Horizontal support structure
548 "TXF" reception desk
550 Orange TXF lobby furniture
551 Long horizontal pipeline
552 Black ceiling ducts/vents
553 Brick wall vertical indoor light
554 Small pool of blood
564 Tall white back wall w/ 2 windows
566 Tall grey "Intex" backwall
567 Tall white back wall w/ 2 grey stripes
568 Tall white back wall w/ large window 1
569 Tall white back wall w/ large window 2
570 Tall white back wall w/ large window 3
571 Tall purple "Intex" backwall
572 Tall purple back wall with 2 grey stripes
573 Tall purple back wall w/ large window 1
574 Tall purple back wall w/ large window 2
575 Tall purple back wall w/ large window 3
576 Tall purple back wall w/ 2 windows
577 Tall purple backwall
578 Purple 4 station cubicle w/ plant
579 Purple 4 station cubicle w/ copy machine
580 (Outdoor) Trees
582 Conference table w/ TVs & art
583 White lobby furniture w/ big plant
584 White couch w/ plant & ashtray
585 Intex giant white globe
586 Row of 4 server racks
587 Intex corporate art /w white lounge chairs
588 "Intex" giant window backwall w/ reception desk
589 Massive rooftop satellite dish
590 Purple vertical light
591 Wide light
592 White paneled open door
593 White paneled closed door
595 Purple Intex stairs
602 Purple Intex elevator doors
634 Man at desk talking on phone
642 Large projects building backwall
652 "Locked door" (??)
659 "Shipping receipt for hypertrousers" objective
661 Left-facing camera data card objective
669 "Baffling prototype" objective
670 Intex weapon tech objective
671 Tan "Prototyping" small back wall
672 Purple glass cubicle
677 Outdoor unfinished overpass
679 Single ceiling/wall square
683 Two small computer workstations (décor)
684 Two small computer workstations w/ boxes on shelf (décor)
685 Twin server racks
693 Light projected from right facing window
694 Light projected from left facing window

I'm pretty certain that this list is exhaustive save for a few objects that have no practical use.

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